Modular Construction Timeline

1. Loan Pre-Approval

If you don’t have a pre-approval or simply don’t know how to get one? We would be happy to supply you with a few banks that we work for hand with, but you are more than welcome to use one of your own as well.

2. Locate Land

After a pre-approval has been obtained, the land search can begin! You may have found a piece of land on your own, with the help of a realtor, or SMH would be happy to assist you in finding land.

3. Selecting a Home

The home search is next on the list; with many styles, sizes, and variations of homes out there, this step can sometimes be overwhelming. It is important to sit down and make of list of wants and needs you would like to have in your new home to help get things started. >>View Floor Plans

4. Pricing of Selected Home

Once you have selected your home, the pricing process can now begin. We will provide you will a base price of the home based off of the standard specs.

5. Writing of the Contract

This stage is as simple as it seems. With the approval from a bank and selection of your new home we can then write the contract for you to sign off on.

6. Applying for Mortgage

With a written and signed contract in hand, you are now ready to go to the bank and apply for your new home mortgage. This process will take 60 days to get through the system, so that you will be able to close on your loan.  >>Mortgage Calculator Tool

7. Confirmation of Selections

Now comes the fun part, making exterior and interior selections for your new house! With a variety of materials on the market, hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, our in house Interior Designer will be with you the entire way to assist you in making those selections! >>Select Colors & Finishes

8. Construction of Home Begins – At Ritz-Craft

The final step in the building process is for your lot to be staked out, and the construction of your new home to begin!

9. Obtaining Permits

At this point, your loan has been closed on and construction can start. You will now be able to apply for permits such as your; building permits, tap-ins (sewage/ water), etc.…

10. Setting In Place

This step is always a fun one to watch; the setting of your new house on its foundation. A crane and set crew will be at the job site to make sure you house is properly set, and anchored to its new foundation.  >>Watch Videos

11. Finishing of the Interior & Site Work

The final step in the process; getting your new home buttoned up and ready for you to move in. We will do minor interior work, mainly where the home is joined together, and site work like grading to make the house, your home.

As with any process, there will be questions and concerns that will arise during the process. Please do not hesitate to contact SMH, we will be happy to assist you and make the process go as smoothly as possible.

We look forward to constructing your new home!